Adopt a Senior Pet

According to Shelter Animals Count, in 2020, more than 2.6 million pets were surrendered to shelters , rescues and senior pet sanctuaries and over 183,000 pets were euthanized – many of which were senior pets that pet owners were not prepared to care for. With your help, we can put an end to senior pet abandonment.
Senior pets (large dogs over age 6 and small dogs and cats over age 7) that are abandoned or surrendered to a facility are typically more difficult for shelters, rescues and senior pet sanctuaries to adopt out. Senior pets may have special needs or illnesses, that can make adopting them almost impossible. These abandoned animals are left to live out their final days, weeks, months or even years living in a shelter, rescue or sanctuary; and in some cases, these animals are put down to prevent over-crowding. Although shelters, rescues and sanctuaries provide care, kindness, and compassion to these animals, they do not receive the same level of individualized attention and care as they would receive in a warm, loving home with a family that can care for them. 
You can help these animals in several ways:
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