Aging Assistive Pet Products

Aging Assistive Pet Products are pet products that have been identified as assistive to senior pets who through the use of such products, may help them enjoy a better quality of life. The Aging Assistive Pet Product Seal of Commitment is a seal developed by the Elderly Pet Organization to help consumers easily identify those manufacturers who are committed to developing products that are designed to address the needs of senior pets. 

How to Qualify

To receive an Aging Assistive Pet Product Seal of Commitment from the Elderly Pet Organization, a company must certify that their product is in fact assistive to aging pets, a list of products that they would like to use the seal on, an example of how the product is assistive to senior pets, and a list of illnesses or injuries that this product may help. 

Once a pet product meets this criteria to be qualified as Aging Assistive, the manufacturer will receive our Aging Assistive Pet Product Seal of Commitment logo to include on their packaging to make it easier for consumers to identify pet products that may be helpful to senior pets. 

Any pet product manufacturer may submit a product for consideration and evaluation. Ideally, we would prefer that a physical product be sent to us so that we may assess the item in person. In the event that it is not practical or feasible to submit a product, we may make evaluations from a photograph and specifications provided by the manufacturer.  Reviews can take up to 6 weeks to complete. Once we determine that the submitted product meets the criteria for aging assistive, we will notify the company in writing and supply them with a full color, transparent logo to use on their website or on their packaging. 

There is small annual fee of $250 per product for the use of the Aging Assistive Pet Product Seal of Commitment logo. Once your application is complete, and your products have met the criteria for use of the seal, we will invoice your company for each product that has been identified for use of the seal. Aging Assistive Pet Product Seal of Commitment products will be listed in a special section of our website for consumers to easily identify such products. 

Product Submissions

Physical products may be sent to:

Elderly Pet Organization
780 Central Pike
North Scituate, RI 02857

Please include the following or complete the form: 

  • Statement that you feel that select products are assistive to aging pets,
  • List of products deemed assistive,  
  • An example of how the product is assistive, and 
  • A list of illnesses or injuries that this product may help.

Physical products that are sent to us will not be returned; rather, we will accept these items as a donation, will include your company on our website as a product donation sponsor, and will auction or raffle the item once the evaluation is complete. Depending on the number of products that will use the seal, and the total annual fee calculated, companies may be upgraded to an equivalent paid sponsor level, and will receive all of the benefits associated with that corresponding sponsor level. To learn more about sponsor levels, click here

Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your confirmation and seal of commitment. Complete the application below or send us an email with the following information included for consideration.

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