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Most pets are considered elderly at around age 7 and many pet owners are not prepared to deal with the financial hardship an unwell older pet can cause. Veterinary medical advances have made it possible to care for ailing, older pets much longer than was once possible. And although this may be viewed as a great accomplishment for veterinary medicine, for millions of pet owners, it has become a financial burden and hardship that many pet owners cannot endure.

The Elderly Pet Organization is committed to helping educate pet parents not only about pet care and treatment options available for elderly pets, but also to help inform pet parents about how to pay for elderly pet care. As pets age, their medical needs will likely become greater and greater.

Our goal is to provide information and education about older pet care and helping pet parents care for their beloved pets to help them live much longer, happier lives with proper care and treatment.

We’re raising money to open a community thrift store to help elderly pets. To support our capital campaign fundraising initiative, click on our paypal link below!


Interested in helping us in other ways? Learn about other ways you can help the Elderly Pet Organization.

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