• Why You Should Donate Unwanted Items Rather than Consign

    As we accumulate more and more belongings over time, it’s common to find ourselves in need of decluttering our homes. Whether it’s clothes that no longer fit or household items…

  • Declutter According to Marie Kondo and Donate Unwanted Items

    Who doesn’t love decluttering sensation Marie Kondo. The Kon-Marie method is Marie’s minimalism-inspired approach to tacking your stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room. While many people associate her method with tidying,…

  • Why Reducing and Reusing Unwanted Items Matters As Much As Recycling

    Every year the American sends over 1,000 pounds of unwanted items to landfills and/or incinerators. Aside from the fact that landfills and incinerators emit hazardous toxins and greenhouse gases into the…

  • Top 10 Items to Donate to Charity

            Donating to a charitable organization like the Elderly Pet Organization is a great way to feel wonderful that you aren’t just throwing away your unwanted items;…

  • Donate Used Clothing, Shoes, Handbags and Home Items

    The Elderly Pet Organization recycles gently used and new clothing, shoes, handbags and home decor items and we sell those items to provide information and education about the care and…

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The Elderly Pet Organization is a 501C3 non profit organization whose mission is to provide information and education about senior pets. Our goal is to end senior pet abandonment and premature euthanization, while increasing senior pet adoptions throughout the US. We accept donations of unwanted items, as well as cash donations to help us with our cause. Read more about us.

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