Declutter According to Marie Kondo and Donate Unwanted Items

Who doesn’t love decluttering sensation Marie Kondo. The Kon-Marie method is Marie’s minimalism-inspired approach to tacking your stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room. While many people associate her method with tidying, it’s really about discarding items that no longer spark joy or add value to your home or your life.

Marie touts tackling just five categories: clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items.

But what should you do with those discarded items, especially your gently used designer clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and watches? The Elderly Pet Organization is a 501C3 non profit organization that accepts gently used items, like clothing as well as home decor pieces, vintage items, collectibles, electronics and antiques.

If you are into decluttering according to Marie Kondo’s methods, consider donating your unwanted items (we don’t accept books and papers) but we’ll gladly accept clothing, miscellaneous items and sentimental items – to help the Elderly Pet Organization with its mission.

Remember, when donating unwanted items, they should be freshly laundered, clean, and free from damage. The rule of thumb is if it still can be used or worn without embarrassment, then it’s a good candidate to donate.

To learn more about what types of items we accept, read our blog.


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