Elderly Pet Travel Safety

Elderly pets are at greater risk for injury during travel because some may not react as quickly as a younger pet would if a vehicle stops short or is in an accident. Many animals, especially dogs, love driving in the car with their head out the window. This is not only unsafe but can put an animal at risk for serious injury. Today, there are many products available that can help secure a pet, similar to how a person is secured in a moving vehicle.


Tethers work similar to a seat belt. One end of the tether clicks into the seat belt buckle and the other end fastens to your pet’s harness. Never secure a tether to a pet’s collar because sudden stop can cause the pet to choke and break its neck. By securing the tether to the harness, the animal may become injured during a crash, but the harness combined with the tether will keep the animal from catapulting forward off the seat.

Booster seats

With a booster seat, the entire seat secures to the vehicle keeping the seat completely in place during sudden stops/starts or crashes. The pet is then secured to the seat with a clip – but the clip should be secured to a harness, not the pet’s neck collar. There are many videos that show the clip secured to a pet’s collar and if the vehicle suddenly stops, the animal can choke. Always tether an animal at the harness instead to avoid such injuries.

Backseat bridge

A backseat bridge helps fill the gap in the backseat between the front and back seats, creating a platform for the animal to land on in the event of a sudden stop or start, to prevent the animal from falling to the floor. A backseat bridge can make a pet feel more comfortable when traveling in a vehicle because it provides a flat surface for them.

Backseat hammock

Similar to a bridge, a backseat hammock fills the gap between the back and the front seats, providing your pet with the illusion of more room to stretch out and relax. By providing more surface area for your pet, it can help your pet feel more comfortable when traveling.


Elderly pets often need a boost when getting in and out of a vehicle. Ramps are especially useful when your older pet needs assistance. It easily allows pets to enter and exit the vehicle, without straining your back.


Pet lifts assist owners with safely lifting the pet in the vehicle. This is especially helpful for older pets who may not be able to jump in the car on their own. Pet lifts are great for older pets, not just for travel but to help assist them in and out of the house as well. 


Pet carriers are great for both cats and dogs. They can help easily transport pets to vet visits or other outings, keeping them safe and secure. Be sure to secure the carrier with a seat belt  – this particular carrier secures to the back seat to ensure pet stays put. 

Whatever pet travel solution you choose for your elderly pet, you can rest assured that your pet will feel more safe and secure when traveling in a vehicle.