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We are a US based non profit organization headquartered in Northern RI. Our EIN is 83-1303806 and we are recognized by the IRS as a 501C3 charitable organization under the official name, Elderly Pet.

Our mission is to provide information and education about what to expect from a senior pet and to keep senior pets with their families as long as possible. Our primary objective is to end senior pet abandonment and premature euthanization, while increasing senior pet adoptions throughout the US.


According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a cat or small dog is considered senior at age 7, and large dogs are considered seniors at age 5 or 6. Elderly pets often require at home care from owners who may not know what to expect from an elderly pet.


Through generous donations from sponsors, private foundations, and supporters, we tirelessly advocate for senior pets and their well being. We spread awareness of the need for elderly pet adoptions and we education the public on the benefits of caring for senior pets. We produce, develop, and distribute website content as well as public service announcements to promote awareness about senior pets and senior pet adoptions. We also provide access to vital resources for at-risk senior pets; we provide free pet insurance, medical supplies, pet bedding, and grooming supplies to pets in need. And, in an effort to keep senior pets out of shelters, we work with hundreds of website visitors each month to help people rehome pets they are no longer able to care for.

If you have an elderly pet or are an avid pet lover, and would like to support the Elderly Pet Organization with its mission

Who We Are

We are avid pet lovers who have cared for elderly pets for many years. We are not medical professionals but we work closely with the medical community, the American Veterinary Medical Association and consult other medical resources to provide information about what to expect when caring for elderly pets. We also partner with Adopt-a-Pet to help find furever homes for senior pets throughout the United States.

We provide information about general ailment causes and treatments and cannot answer specific questions about specific issues. The information on our site is intended to be a resource of information, not medical advice. 

If your pet is experiencing a specific medical issue discussed on our website or if you suspect your pet is suffering from a particular illness, we recommend that you consult with your pet’s veterinarian immediately. 

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