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Grants for Senior Pets

The Elderly Pet Organization is proud to offer pet insurance micro grants to owners of senior pets who meet all of our eligibility requirements as outlined below, based on our lottery system of available funding during the quarter. This program is made available, in part, from a grant awarded to us by the William Dean Charitable Trust. We offer these micro grants to help offset the cost of pet insurance for older pets. Through other fundraising initiatives, pet supplies are also available for at risk senior pets for a variety of pet supplies. 

Simply complete the online form, upload proof of premium paid, and meet the eligibility requirements to be considered. Due to overwhelming response to our grant program, we are unable to respond to every request for assistance nor will we respond to individual inquiries about your application’s status. Should you and your pet be selected, you will be notified by email or phone. 

Awards are granted quarterly, for a maximum award of $250.

Not all eligible entries will receive a grant award; only a very limited number of grants are available each year and selection is awarded based on a lottery system. Odds of receiving a grant are based on the number of eligible applications we receive and the amount of funding available each quarter. 

Applications are considered on a rolling basis; if you miss the quarterly deadline for one quarter, your application will be considered in the following quarter, as long as funds are available for this program.

Eligibility requirements:

All forms must be filled out in their entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you cannot upload the required documents, you may email them or mail them to us at info@elderlypet.org. Please include your name and your pet’s name in any correspondence with us.

For consideration: Pets must be over age 6 years of age (senior pets), be listed as the beneficiary of a current pet insurance policy, and you must demonstrate a financial need. All programs offered by Elderly Pet are only open to US residents.

Consideration will not be given to any applicant that does not meet ALL the criteria for eligibility. 

To be eligible, the pet listed in your application must have a current, active pet insurance policy. If you do not currently have pet insurance for your pet, you may consider one of our following partners by clicking the button below.

To be eligible for pet care packages, a complete application must be submitted and will be awarded based on first come, first served from the number of eligible applications received and the amount of supplies we have available at the time. Learn more about our pet care packages by clicking below. 

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