Pet Ownership Statistics

Below are some statistics from an American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey from 2017-2018. It provides insight and information about some of the trends in pet ownership. More than 85 million households in the United States have a pet in the home. 

Our target audience is pet owners of large dogs over age 6, small dogs and cats over age 7, handicapped pets and pets which chronic illness.  

% of Dog Owners Who Have Owned a Pet Previously

% of Cat Owners Who Have Owned a Pet Previously

% of Dog Owners Who Have Multiple Pets

% of Cat Owners Who Have Multiple Pets

% of Pet Owners Who Plan to Get Another Pet When a Pet Dies

When your company is listed on the Elderly Pet Organization website, you reach pet owners from around the US with senior pets, but a good majority of those pet owners have owned other pets, own multiple pets or plan to get another pet if their senior pet passes. 

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