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You Can Help End Senior Pet Abandonment and Reduce Shelter Overcrowding. 

Your gift helps us to provide valuable tools and resources to people who are considering surrendering their pet; every penny helps.

Emily & Simpson’s Story

Emily and Simpson

In April 2021, Emily was dealing with some personal issues and decided she could no longer care for her 12 year old cat named Simpson. She was prepared to surrender Simpson to a local animal shelter when she heard about the Elderly Pet Organization’s Rehoming Project. 

Inspired that there was such an option, Emily used the tools and resources on our site to successfully rehome Simpson and today her cat has seamlessly adjusted to his new family. Emily has piece of mind that she made the responsible choice. 


Learn About Rehoming

Each year, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters: 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. Because many shelters are continuously overcrowded, more than 2 million of these animals will be euthanized: 670,000 dogs and 1.4 million cats are euthanized each year. 

When you surrender a pet to a shelter, their fate is completely unknown. Some pets spend months, to years in a shelter, waiting to be adopted. Oftentimes, the stress of being in a shelter can change a pet’s personality, making it more difficult (and sometimes impossible) for them to be adopted. 

Finding a new home for your pet through responsible rehoming is a better solution than surrendering your pet because it allows you to be sure that your pet goes to a good home and their fate is completely within your control.

In some cases, financial strain may be the reason you are considering surrendering your pet. There are many financial options available to help ease the strain you may be feeling. If you are considering surrendering your pet due to financial hardship, please read our article on paying for your senior pet’s care to explore those options before looking at other options. 

If you simply cannot take care of your pet any longer, and you have explored other options, then we encourage you to consider rehoming your pet as opposed to surrendering them to a shelter.

Rehoming is a better alternative if you are willing to take the time to find a good home for your pet.  There are many people in your community who would be willing to adopt your pet if you give the process a fair chance to work. The tools and resources on our website are free to pet owners and there is no cost to rehome your pet. 

Be part of the solution, learn more about rehoming your unwanted pet by reading our article and learning about what resources are available to you. Read our Blog

Learn about the Rehoming Project

The Elderly Pet Organization has initiated a national Rehoming Project to promote awareness about responsible rehoming. If every unwanted pet was rehomed, instead of being surrendered to a shelter, we would greatly reduce overcrowding in shelters and we would eliminate premature euthanization due to shelter overcrowding.

You can help provide vital resources to at-risk senior pets and educate people about responsible rehoming. Please give today because by the end of the day today, 7,123 pets will be surrendered to shelters and 500 pets will be euthanized. Your gift helps us to connect with those people who are considering surrendering their pet. 

Together, we can change the course for millions of unwanted pets.  Make a Difference Today.  

We understand that not everyone is in a position to assist financially with our Rehoming Project. That’s OK. Animal lovers everywhere are invited to be a part of the Elderly Pet family and help us by spreading the word on social media. We have compiled some assets / images that you are free to use with a link to our website and share our cause with your network. If we all work together, we can change the course for millions of unwanted pets. Thank you.

This page has been updated to reflect 2023 statistics in part from our friends at World Animal Foundation. Read more stats. 

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