Donate Shoes, Save Elderly Pets

Give your unwanted shoes and boots a second life while helping elderly pets!

We believe that with your help, we can help pet owners ease the financial burden of caring for elderly pets when they become ill, and keep them together with their families.

If you have unwanted items that are just taking up space in your home, and if they can be reused and are in very good to excellent condition, please consider making a donation of unwanted items to the Elderly Pet Organization!

Why Donate to the Elderly Pet Organization?

Receive a tax deduction
Make space in your home for new items
Make a difference in the life of an elderly pet
Feel great that you are putting your unwanted items to good use 

It's easy to donate unwanted items:

You can purchase a label and fill a large box and mail your donation to us for just $15 - buy a label from our partners at Give Back Box


You can contact us for a FREE label and fill a large box and mail your donation to us

It's really that simple to declutter and do good.

Please donate your unwanted items to help save elderly pets!

As a thank you for your generous donation, all donors will be entered into a quarterly raffle to receive a free pet product or gift from one of our sponsors. Donors must complete one of our online forms to enter. Prizes and their values vary from quarter to quarter. Visit our website for complete details.