Supplements for Elderly Pets

There are many supplements on the market available to treat a variety of illnesses and symptoms that elderly pets may have. Below are some that are top rated, recommended by many vets and approved by senior pets.

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Please note, you should always consult your vet before starting any supplements for your elderly pet.

Joint Health

If you are looking to help alleviate the pain of arthritis or other autoimmune diseases in your elderly pet, the following may help.

Tricox TRP Joint Support by VetOne – Chews prevent autoimmune attacks on joints.

Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – Great for anxiety, hip & joint pain

All-in-one Dog & Cat Probiotics, Hip Joint Pain Relief Formula – Helps alleviate hip and joint pain


Overall Health

NaturPAWS Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs, Cats & Pets – Supports heart health and immunity, facilitates digestion, eases joint pain, promotes shiny coat, minimizes skin irritations, and relieves arthritis.


Pet Tabs Plus – Contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals and are specially designed to supplement the diets of older dogs.

Dr. Harvey’s Golden Years Herbal Supplement for Senior Dogs – This powdered supplement is a combination of nutritious whole foods and herbs that have been known to help the body to maintain its ability to fight disease and may help to increase longevity.


Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – great for anxiety, hip & joint pain.

Intestinal Health

Bayer Animal Health Lactoquill Soft Chews for Dogs – promotes intestinal well being and helps maintain a healthy balance in dogs with ongoing or recurring GI issues.

Oral Health

Premium Pet Dental Spray – No brushing necessary, reduces tartar, bad breath and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Brain Health

ProNeurozone Medium and Large Dogs  – specifically formulated to protect senior canine brain from oxidative damage.

Bladder Health

Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Bladder Support Dietary Supplement for Cats and Dogs. If you are the pet parent of a middle aged or older cat or dog, please consider it to help your pet maintain healthy urinary tract and bladder function into his or her later years.

Ear Health

Zymox OTIC with Hydrocortisone Ear Solution for Dogs and Cats – For treating inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral, and yeast infections

More recommended products for elderly pets.