You may be wondering why what you think about senior pets is important. The answer is, caring for senior pets is important and our job at the Elderly Pet Organization is to make sure people understand the importance of caring for senior pets. We can’t try to change the way people think about senior pets until we know what people like you think of them now. 
People love puppies and kittens, and millions of people rush out every year to adopt a new pet. Senior pets (cats and small dogs over age 7, and large dogs over age 6) are often overlooked because some people have misconceptions about senior pets. 
At the Elderly Pet Organization our goal is to break down those barriers and clarify those misconceptions so that senior pets are just as desirable as younger pets. 
We’re sending this survey to you to gauge how you feel about senior pets. We are in the process of developing a national outreach campaign and your feedback will really help us gauge how some people feel about senior pets and will help us craft our message appropriately. 
As a special thank you, we will send you a free gift just for participating. If you are one of the first 10 survey responses we receive, you will qualify to receive a free dog or cat bed. 
Please take a few moments to complete your questionnaire, and if you are so inclined, I hope you will also spare a few dollars to help us reach more people and educate them about the importance of caring for our senior pets. 

Thank you for taking time to complete our survey.

Have you ever owned a senior pet?

Do you currently own at least one senior pet?

How many total pets do you currently own?

How many senior pets do you own?

Please list the total number of dogs you own?

Please list the total number of cats you own?

Please list the total number of other pets you own (not cats or dogs)

If your senior pet became unwell or disabled but would be OK with medical intervention, which option would you choose? I would:

If you would surrender your pet or euthanize your pet, please select the reasons you would not find a new home for your pet.

Please describe in just a few words, why people should own a senior pet.

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