Tidy Up and Donate to Support Elderly Pets

Millions of Americans are hooked on Marie Kondo and her tidying up principles she explains in her popular Netflix show and in her book, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you are clamoring to rid your home of items you no longer need, here are a few tips from the book:

  1. Tackle categories, not rooms
  2. Respect your belongings
  3. Nostalgia is not your friend
  4. Purging feels good
  5. Fold, don’t hang
  6. Learn the proper fold
  7. Fall in love with your closet
  8. Rediscover your style

Does it spark joy? According to The KonMari Method™, cherish the items that spark joy, but if something isn’t sparking that joy in your life, then thank it for its service and let it go. Learn more.

What to do with those items that no longer spark joy? Put your gently used or new items to good use by recycling those unwanted items with the Elderly Pet Organization – a 501C3 non profit dedicated to educating the public about how to properly care for an elderly / aging pet.

Why Donate to the Elderly Pet Organization?

  • Receive a tax deduction
  • Make space in your home for new items that spark joy
  • Make a difference in the life of an elderly pet
  • Feel great that you are putting your unwanted items to good use

We are only accepting brand new items with tags, or very gently used items. Items must be very good to excellent condition. We are accepting:

Guaranteed  authentic designer purses, designer clothing & shoes, small electronics, home decor items, jewelry, watches, small household items, antiques, collectibles, vintage items, video games and game systems in very good to excellent condition. Any electronics must be working as they should with no defects.

Please do not send large or heavy items, large or awkwardly sized artwork, picture frames, used cookware or cups with straws, books, toys or baby items. Individual items should be smaller than can fit in a 16″ x 16″ box and must be clean, odor free and damage free with no rips, tears, holes or stains; items in poor condition will not help our cause. 

To donate unwanted items to The Elderly Pet Organization get a label from GiveBackBox, package your items in a large box and mail your items to us.


Don’t have unwanted items to donate; please consider a cash donation through Pay Pal. 

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