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We’d like to collaborate with your company to provide our audience with insightful information on how certain pet products can help senior pets; especially those pets who are living with illness, have special needs, or require creature comforts to make them more comfortable as they age. 

As a premier source for information and education about what to expect when caring for a senior pet, the Elderly Pet Organization reaches pet owners from around the world. Our target audience is owners of large dogs over age 6, owners of small dogs or cats over age 7, owners of handicapped animals, or owners of animals who have chronic illnesses.

Below are just some of the ways we connect with the pet owner population and our target market, while providing visibility and exposure for our organization and the organizations we collaborate with.

We were recently awarded a grant from Google valued at $120,000 per year to promote select content on our website.

Through the Google Ad Grant program, we allocate roughly $5,000 per article per year in Google Ads budget to promote select content on our website. 

We develop keyword specific ad groups based on article content and we develop niche ad campaigns to drive online traffic to those ads. 

The grant also helps us to increase our organic search presence, which is growing every day on the popular search engine.

Our director has over 15 years of experience developing Google Ad campaigns.

Our ads receive:

  • Over 1,621,728 impressions

Our exposure generates:

  • Over 103,000 website visits 

eBay for Charity has raised over $1 billion for charities around the world. The Elderly Pet Organization is a proud eBay for Charity member, with exposure to the entire eBay community and its buyers from all over the world. 

With over 1,700 items for sale to benefit the Elderly Pet Organization on eBay, each item features an Elderly Pet Organization banner near the top of each item listed for sale. Banners include our logo, information about us, and a link to our website. Thousands of items are sold annually on our behalf, and our listings, and our organization, receive millions of impressions from shoppers throughout eBay’s vast network of customers. 

Give Back Box has partnered with some of the internet’s largest online retailers, including Amazon, Overstock, Loft, Hanes, Toys R Us, and many more. Give Back Box is a program that retailers promote in their shipping boxes when people order items, to encourage shoppers to reuse their shipping box to donate unwanted items to charity. 

The Elderly Pet Organization is at the top of the animal related charities on their website and receives hundreds of donations annually from support we receive through this program. Through this program, we receive exposure to millions of shoppers from around the world. 

The Elderly Pet Organization is listed with both Guidestar and Network for Good, both are two of the most respected online resources that prospective supporters can research through their online database to learn more about charitable organizations. Network for Good also offers a giving portal where supporters can donate directly to the charity of their choice. Millions of people visit these websites annually, searching for worthwhile nonprofits to engage with. 

Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving dedicated to promoting non profit organizations from around the world. They promote the annual fundraiser in a wide variety of mediums and press, to promote organizations like the Elderly Pet Organization and their cause. 401 Gives is a Rhode Island day of giving dedicated to promoting non profit organizations from Rhode Island. The Elderly Pet Organization participated in both programs in 2020 and garnered new supporters for the Elderly Pet Organization and more exposure to pet lovers – expanding our reach even further. 

Your collaboration with the Elderly Pet Organization helps senior pets, and provides your organization with visibility and exposure to a very targeted niche audience in the pet care industry. Most importantly, your organization is recognized by our audience for its corporate social responsibility through its affiliation with our organization. 

To learn more about pet owners and our target market, and statistics about who we reach, visit our statistics page. 

To become a part of the Elderly Pet Family and to have your content showcased on our website, visit our sponsor information page to learn more. 

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